About DuluthGlides Arizona

DuluthGlides Segway Tours was founded in 2013 by Don and JoAnn Sipola. Don was always interested in the Segway, since he saw the “IT” debut on Good Morning America in the late 90’s. Fast forward more than a decade.

While on vacation and visiting their son in Florida in 2012, they stumbled upon a Segway store, offering guided tours. Off the three went with their tour guide. Not five minutes into the tour, JoAnn, riding in front of Don, raised her arm and shouted Whahooo with excitement. (She is not normally into public displays of excitement.) The most fun EVER she said.

That experience led to other tours in other cities. While traveling the country they have done the trolley tours, bus tours, duck boats, harbor ship tours, river architectural tours, limo wine country tours, like everyone else, but nothing came close to the personal satisfaction and enjoyment of the Segway PT Tours, (the machine acts like an extension of your body). They were hooked!

They found a dealer in Minnesota and bought two Segways. On their first Glide around the Duluth MN Lakefront, they discovered vistas, cultural and historic sites they had never seen before in spite of Don having worked in Duluth for 40 years. Returning from that first glide, both felt this Duluth experience was better than any Segway tour they had previously taken, by far. Quickly the idea developed that other people need the opportunity to be able to share in what Don and JoAnn experienced without driving, hiking and biking almost 6 miles on our most popular Lakeside Segway Tour.

They took the best ideas from all the other tour companies they had experienced, invested in more Segways and a store, and formed DuluthGlides Segway Tours of Duluth in 2013. (This was to be Don’s “segway” into retirement!) We continue to operate DuluthGlides Segway Tours of Duluth MN each summer from May through October. (We never purchased the winter on-board heaters. Too much battery drain!)

After retirement from his day job as an Optometrist in 2017, Don and JoAnn RV’d to Silveridge for the month of March 2018. Don’s parents had a winter home in Leisure World, (across from the Superstition Springs Mall,) from the early 80’s, so we picked this location to try our first big RV trip because it was a familiar area. Of course, we brought 2 Segways with us in the RV. By the end of our month at Silveridge we were committed to coming back and reserved our RV site for 6 months the following season to be in the same wonderful neighborhood. Only then, did we decide “we should look at these park models ‘just to see“. Well by the end of that day, we owned #454 in the same neighborhood. 

Our first full season was 2018-19 and it met all of our expectations and then some. And yes, we brought 2 Segways again! It was a hoot participating on a Segway in the Golf Cart Christmas Parade and we taught a few of our neighbors how to ride them as well. Our “mock” tours were enthusiastically received! Another IDEA!

This 2019-20 season we brought 6 machines, and put together the research on Silveridge, the east valley, and the park interior and created the Arizona branch of DuluthGlides. On January 14, 2020  we received park management authorization to start a Silveridge Segway Club. Since we are in a gated community with flat, wide roads and no hills, we are also authorized to rent them for personal use. See our website home page under the “Arizona” tab for many more details. 

We hope you enjoy the fun riding experience that we have on a Segway and maybe even learn something new about Silveridge. We are sure you will! 

While at Silveridge, Don enjoys riding his motorcycle “in the winter’ and golfing at three different courses. JoAnn Sipola enjoys water aerobics, library committee, and the hiking club. For sure the best thing at Silveridge has been the friendships we have made and fellowship of the entire Silveridge community. 

Don and JoAnn Sipola

Lot #454