Silveridge Rules of Segway Rental

(For Rentals, in addition to the Liability Release Agreement for each rider,  we will provide the renter with the Silveridge Rules for Segway Rental  and retain a signed copy. It is printed here for your information.) 

Rules of Segway Rental in Silveridge RV Park

  1. I AM responsible for all damage to the rental equipment and all other property damage in USD that may result from my rental and use.
  1. I will NOT allow any other person to use, operate, step upon or ride the Segway without a VALID DuluthGlides Segway Glider License and recent (within a week) refresher training at no additional cost.
  1. I will ONLY ride on blacktop areas inside the exterior walls of Silveridge RV Park.
  1. I will NOT ride on common-area pedestrian sidewalks, paver or concrete, including to mail boxes, the pool area or inside the Rec Center.
  1. I WILL give vehicles, pedestrians and bicycles the right of way and obey all traffic signs in the Park.
  1. I will NOT operate electronic devices or cameras while operating the Segway.
  1. I will NOT have consumed any alcohol or other intoxicants within the previous 8 hours of Segway operation.
  1. I WILL always wear a helmet while operating the Segway.
  1. Riders under 16 MUST remain visible to a supervising parent at all times or be accompanied by an adult on foot, bicycle, golf cart or another Segway.
  1. I HAVE a copy of the “Segway Reference Manual Excerpts” booklet, the “Important Segway Safety Information” handout, and these RULES and I AM familiar with their contents.
  1. Failure to abide by the above rules shall immediately void the rental agreement resulting in immediate repossession and return of all rental equipment, without refund. Glider License SHALL be VOIDED.


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