FAQ Silveridge Segway Club

[accordion title=”What is the Silveridge Segway Club?” style=”default-style”] We operate a Segway Tour Company, DuluthGlides, in Duluth, MN.  We have 21 Segways and keep them busy in the summer. In order to conduct similar tours or rent units for personal use in Silveridge, Park Management has determined we should be a club and have given us express written permission to do so. Membership in the Silveridge Segway Club is conferred on anybody who has completed training and been issued a valid DuluthGlides Segway Glider License.  A copy of your Liability Waiver will be maintained by Park Management. The Glider License will entitle you ride on a tour, ride a rented Segway and receive a $10 discount from any subsequent tour or rental training fee. NO ONE MAY STEP ON OR RIDE A SEGWAY WITHOUT A VALID AND CURRENT GLIDER LICENSE.  There are no dues and we will not be using any Silveridge “club” funding.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”How much does it cost for a tour?” style=”default-style”] One hour guided tours, narrated via wireless radio packs, will include a helmet (if you don’t have one), Safety video, ground school review of the video and basic Segway operations, and on-machine comprehensive training. Cost is $40 your first time and $10 off with a valid glider license on subsequent tours. Must present Glider License to qualify for discount. (Canadian Residents will be 12% less. We will split the dollar exchange with you)[/accordion]

[accordion title=”How much does it cost to rent?” style=”default-style”] Since you will not have a guide to monitor and assist your riding, training for use of a rental is more extensive. The person responsible for the rental may or may not be a rider. All persons wishing to ride a rental will have to receive advanced “renter” training at a separate fee of $15 per person and each will receive a Glider License upon successful completion. Subsequent rental with a valid glider license will receive $10 off pre rental training that is required to insure safety. Must present Glider License to qualify for the discount. The Segway rental is $35/hr, $70 /half day (4hrs), and $90/full day (8 hrs).  (Canadian Residents will be 12% less. We will split the dollar exchange with you) [/accordion]

[accordion title=”Do I have to make reservations in advance?” style=”default-style”] YES. You must have an appointment for rental of up to 6 machines, or a private tour with a minimum of two and maximum of 5 riders. Email your interest for a tour or rental to duluthglides@gmail.com and we will find a convenient time for both of us. You may also call Don at 218-750-4642 and leave a message if you are unable to email. Email is preferred since two of us monitor the emails.  [/accordion] [accordion title=”What time should I arrive for my Segway tour?” style=”default-style”]Please arrive 10 minutes early before the published time of the tour or rental to register, review and sign the waiver, and get fitted for a helmet. Safety training starts promptly at the published time of the tour or rental. To participate without a valid Glider License you must complete the entire safety/training program regardless of previous experience, so please do not be late. Once you have satisfactorily completed all training you will be issued a DuluthGlides Glider Licence entitling you to membership in the Silveridge Segway Club, $10 off any future tour or subsequent rental training fee, and bragging rights at Happy Hour. Tours depart immediately after the safety/training session is completed. Training is included in the cost of a tour, but more extensive training is required to rent and will be charged a training fee separate from the rental charge. [/accordion] [accordion title=”Where are you located, how do I find you in Silveridge?” style=”default-style”] We are located at Lot #454. Upon completing your reservation, you will receive a Confirmation email of the booking with detailed information about Segway Tour Policies, Refund/Reschedule Policy, other Tips and Suggestions on what to wear, things to remember etc. Ignore the detailed driving instructions on how to find us unless you want to end up in Duluth, Minnesota![/accordion] [accordion title=”What happens if it rains, or is cold?” style=”default-style”]Not a problem! If it is light mist we will go, but no problem rescheduling.  [/accordion] [accordion title=”Could my tour be cancelled?” style=”default-style”]Possibly. We will let you know if something comes up or the weather is likely to interfere with our tour. Likewise, let us know if you become unable to participate. We do require a two rider minimum to conduct a tour. [/accordion] [accordion title=”Who can ride the Segway (age, weight, physical fitness)?” style=”default-style”] To participate in our Segway tours, you need to be 14 years of age or older (participants under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian for the liability waiver) and not pregnant. All participants must weigh at least 100 lbs, but not more than 260 lbs. If you are a bit over 260 give us a call. Riders must be able to stand for up to 30 minutes and have the ability to climb a flight of stairs without use of the handrail. [/accordion] [accordion title=”What are the liability requirements for ages 14-18?” style=”default-style”] Segway safety guidelines specify 14 as the minimum age to ride a Segway PT and at least 100 lbs. Riders between the age of 14-18 must be accompanied by a parent, adult family member  or guardian to legally sign the liability waiver for their child.  All riders 14-16 must remain visible by a parent or responsible adult during use of the Segway at all times. Adults can watch from your lot, walk, ride a bike, golf cart or another segway alongside the youth. NO EXCEPTIONS.   [/accordion] [accordion title=”Do I have to sign a waiver?” style=”default-style”] All Segway riders must sign a liability waiver and release before participating on our tours, a copy of which will be transmitted to Park Management. Attendees between the age of 14-18 (minors) must have a parent, adult family member, or guardian sign the liability waiver and release on their behalf. Renters will also sign a Rental Agreement, the Silveridge Rules for Segway Rental, receive Important Segway Safety Information, and receive a copy of the Renters Segway Reference Manual Excerpts, all of which are available on our website to view as tabs under “Arizona”  [/accordion] [accordion title=”How does the Segway work?” style=”default-style”] The PT senses the lean of the rider with the assistance of 5 angular rate sensors and two accelerometers at a rate of 100 times per second. If you lean forward the lithium batteries apply torque to the motors to push it forward bringing you upright and balanced. Same thing going backwards. Lean the handlebars left or right to turn in the direction you want to go, and it just goes! It feels incredibly natural and really cool! The Segway PT responds similarly to how you balance yourself – as if it were an extension of your body. [/accordion] [accordion title=”How do I learn to ride a Segway?” style=”default-style”]We’ll teach you! Our staff will give you a hands-on comprehensive safety and training lesson before the tour. Learning how to ride a Segway is easy and fun, no experience is necessary to attend this tour or rent a Segway.[/accordion] [accordion title=”How much time of the tour is actually spent on a Segway?” style=”default-style”]We’ll start with a short training session, but after that, you’ll be riding the Segway for the remainder of the time.[/accordion] [accordion title=”What if I’ve never been on a Segway before? Is it hard to ride?” style=”default-style”] No worries!! Segways are easy to learn, safe and fun to ride. There is no experience necessary to attend our tours or rent. We’ll teach you with a hands-on comprehensive safety and training session at the start of the tour and prior to rental. You will be ready to go in no time! [/accordion] [accordion title=”How safe is the Segway?” style=”default-style”] About as safe as the rider operating it. Careless or reckless behavior, failure to follow safety and training instructions, failure to follow directives or instructions from the tour guide, failure to follow the Silveridge Segway Rental Rules in the Park and failure to ride single file are all hazardous activities. With proper training and common sense operation, gliding on a Segway PT is both safe and enjoyable, just like riding a bike. We do not recommend going backwards, stepping on or off the PT without staff assistance unless authorized to do so by staff, or operating closer than an arms length away from other PTs or obstacles. [/accordion] [accordion title=”How fast do Segways go?” style=”default-style”] Segways can go up to 12.5 mph. However, for the purpose of our tours, we will be going much slower. [/accordion] [accordion title=”If I’m pregnant, can I still take a Segway tour?” style=”default-style”] Unfortunately for safety reasons, pregnant women may not participate in the tour. [/accordion] [accordion title=”I am a Silveridge resident, does the tour have anything to offer new or interesting for me?” style=”default-style”] Of course! Its a great riding experience gliding on your own Segway PT, just for fun. You will see things you never knew were here, guaranteed! Likely, the tour guide will have new and interesting facts and information even for the longtimers. Even if you know everything there is to know, gliding through Silveridge will be a new, unique experience, even for a resident. [/accordion] [accordion title=”Can I stow my belongings on the Segway?” style=”default-style”] Yes, our Segways have a small storage area by the handlebar, which can hold limited items. You may bring a camera, small purse, bottle of water, but please limit the amount of personal items you bring. However, you may not take use an electronic device or take photos or video while operating the PT.  [/accordion] [accordion title=”Do we need to wear helmets?” “default-style”]Absolutely! Free use of helmets will be provided or you may use your own. Their use is required at all times while operating the PT.[/accordion] [accordion title=”Do the tours make any restroom stops?” style=”default-style”] Riders may use the restroom at our house prior to departure, and should the need arise during the tour just speak to the tour guide along the way. We can divert quickly to the Rec Center![/accordion] [accordion title=”What will we see on the tour? What places will we visit?” style=”default-style”] This is under construction..  [/accordion] [accordion title=” Does the tour begin and end at the same location?” style=”default-style”] Yes. The beginning and end of each tour is located at Lot #454. [/accordion] [accordion title=”Are Segway PT’s considered motor vehicles in Arizona?” style=”default-style”] No. Arizona Statutes Title 28 classify the Segway PT as an “Electric Personal Assistive Mobility Device” and further excludes it from the definition of Motor Vehicle. The law states “Except as prohibited by law, a person operating an electric personal assistive mobility device has the rights and responsibilities of a pedestrian.” When operating on a sidewalk or bicycle path, the Segway must yield the right of way to pedestrians or bicycles on such sidewalk or bicycle path. However Silveridge Management has restricted us to the blacktop portions of the park, no sidewalks or riding in the paver common areas.  We do not want to interfere with the enjoyment of these public facilities by others. [/accordion] [accordion title=”What is the Silveridge Segway Club Smile?” style=”default-style”] It is the ear to ear grin you will have gliding along in Silveridge effortlessly among bicyclists, pedestrians, golf carts and vehicles who will be green with envy as you pass. [/accordion] [accordion title=”Do you rent individual Segways?” style=”default-style”] YES.  We rent them by the hour, half day, and full day. Renters and their designated riders will be trained more extensively than on a tour. Time of the rental begins at removal of equipment from #454. See the tab “See Silveridge on a Segway” for prices and how to book a rental. [/accordion] [accordion title=”Do you offer custom private Segway tours?” style=”default-style”] Yes! All of out tours at Silveridge are private tours by appointment. There is no online booking. Fees will be collected at the time of the tour or rental.  We will graciously split the dollar exchange rate with our Canadian residents. [/accordion] [accordion title=”Do you offer gift certificates?” style=”default-style”] Absolutely! Our Segway tours make a perfect gift for any occasion! In lieu of a formal gift certificate, please book and prepay a tour to give as a gift for any January 1 at 12:00 am. Contact us to make arrangements. You will receive an Email Confirmation for this “holding” date to enclose as the gift. The recipient of the gift may call us directly, email or stop in to change this “holding” date to their requested date, subject to our availability on that specific requested date.  Un-rescheduled gift certificates after January 1 will automatically be moved to the following year January 1. Gift certificates or any un-rescheduled pre-paid do not expire. Our contact info will be on the Email Confirmation as well. [/accordion]