Tours Run Rain or Shine

Our tours run rain or shine, hot or cold. Please wear weather appropriate attire, and remember, it is usually “Cooler by the Lake” here in Duluth and riding the Segway does create some “wind chill”. This brave crew had stocking hats under their helmets, winter gloves and winter jackets. But boy did they have fun! Umbrellas are prohibited because you will need both hands to operate the Segway. Accumulating snow, lightning, thunderstorms, hail and strong sustained or gusty winds off the lake affecting balance are unsafe conditions to be outside near Lake Superior. At the Store, we monitor local radar and weather reports continuously for your gliding safety and comfort. We will make every effort to contact you as soon as we know the tour will be unsafe. Based on weather, the tour could simply be delayed until later in the day. If severe enough, it will be cancelled. If cancelled, transferable vouchers will be issued for a future tour. The tour guide is the final authority regarding safety in adverse weather conditions, and reserves the right to alter the usual tour, or return to the store at any time for the safety of all participants.