Segway to Glensheen Mansion Tour – GAT $144, FMT $166

NOTICE: Unfortunately, for the 2022 season going forward, due to declining health, I will no longer be able to operate DuluthGlides Segway Tours . As of July 27, 2022 I am pleased to announce the sale of the business to new owners who plan on continuing the DuluthGlides Segway Tour Experience in Duluth. It has been a wonderful 9 years sharing with you the “Segway riding experience” and Duluth’s unique history, culture and lakefront. Thank you for your previous and returning patronage and excellent reviews. I will miss you all. It has been a blast! I am confident Bill and his staff and some of my old staff will continue the DG tradition of excellence. Stay tuned as we make the logistical transition and they start scheduling tours again.

Don Sipola, Owner and President, DuluthGlides Segway Tours 

July 27. 2022

(This 3 or 3.5 hour tour is only available as a Private (non-scheduled) Segway Tour. Please see details, restrictions, and how to book under Private (non scheduled) Segway Tours.)

Two Glensheen Mansion tours are available. The “General Admission Tour” (GAT) is limited to 1 hour on the lower level,  first floor and second floor. The “Full Mansion Tour” (FMT) is 1.5 hrs and includes the third floor and the attic.  Please see details, restrictions, and how to book under Private (non scheduled) Segway Tours.) 

To save time and ride the Segway more, participants will be required to view the Safety Video prior to arrival.

 As soon as you buy a DuluthGlides Segway Tour to Glensheen, we purchase Glensheen tickets at our estimated time of arrival to keep both our tours on time. We will not actually purchase Glensheen tickets until you have purchased with us, so delay after notification reduces our chance of acquiring Glensheen tickets at the time requested.

DuluthGlides Segway Tours and the Glensheen Mansion Tours are the top two activities to do while in Duluth that will be sure to live on in your memory forever. Bundling them together for one price doubles the fun in half the time. Bring your Camera!

First, Glide effortlessly along a nearly 6 mile tour of Duluth’s East Lakewalk all the way out and back to the famous Glensheen Mansion located on the Historic Congdon Estate via your own Segway® Personal Transporter (PT).  In addition to nearly 2 hours of pure excitement of riding the PT, enjoy the narrated tour pointing out the interesting history and facts about this great city and Lake Superior via your own wireless audio system. Then enjoy the one hour General Admission Tour (GAT) of the basement, first and second floor or the 1.5 hour Full Mansion Tour (FMT) of the 39-room Congdon Mansion and 7 acres of extensive grounds. Experience the 1908-era opulence of one of Minnesota’s most influential and wealthy families. The stunning architecture, intact house collection and riveting story including a murder in the house offer a historic perspective of the entire Northland region. Restrooms and a gift shop are available at the Mansion.

On your 3 or 3.5-hour Segway Tour you will see: 

  • Rose Garden: One of the most beautiful and scenic areas in Duluth.
  • Leif Erikson Park: Norwegians say Leif was here well before Columbus.
  • Lakewalk East: Enjoy nearly 2 miles of the famous East Lakewalk with unparalleled views of the lake and harbor area both from the East and West and from high above the water. There will be stops for photos along the way.
  • One or 1.5 Hour Tour of Glensheen Mansion: Our ticket price includes admission to the 7 acre grounds of the Congdon Estate and the General Admission ticket ( three levels) or the Full Mansion Ticket to see all 36 rooms of the mansion ($18.00 GAT and $30 FMT value).
  • Return Trip:  On the return we will veer up into the last segment of the Experience Tour and see Duluth’s one and only Roundabout, as well as learn “the rest of the story” about the famous “murders in the mansion” they don’t talk about at Glensheen.

When it is cool we will provide gloves and a hot drink and fireplace to warm up with upon returning. From mid September to mid October enjoy the fall colors along the lakewalk portion of this tour.

Advance purchase required. Tours often sell out!

To Request a Private Tour email us at, or if unable, call 952-888-9200.