Private (non scheduled) Segway Tours

NOTICE: Unfortunately, for the 2022 season going forward, due to declining health, I will no longer be able to operate DuluthGlides Segway Tours . As of July 27, 2022 I am pleased to announce the sale of the business to new owners who plan on continuing the DuluthGlides Segway Tour Experience in Duluth. It has been a wonderful 9 years sharing with you the “Segway riding experience” and Duluth’s unique history, culture and lakefront. Thank you for your previous and returning patronage and excellent reviews. I will miss you all. It has been a blast! I am confident Bill and his staff and some of my old staff will continue the DG tradition of excellence. Stay tuned as we make the logistical transition and they start scheduling tours again.

Don Sipola, Owner and President, DuluthGlides Segway Tours 

July 27. 2022

If you want to go for a Segway Tour, and there are no tours scheduled for your desired date and time, we offer Private Segway Tours for each of our regular tour routes, subject to staff and equipment availability. The Lakeside Segway Tour, (our most popular 2 hr tour), the Segway Experience Tour (1 hr), the Historic Homes Segway Tour (2 hr), the Segway to Glensheen Mansion Tour (3 or 3.5 hrs) are the only tours available as a Private (non scheduled) Segway Tours in 2021. 

To save time and ride the Segway more, participants will be required to view the Safety Video prior to arrival. 

We require a minimum of two ticket purchases to create a private tour, even if there are less than two participating. For more information on what is included in a private tour, please see the specific details of each tour under the “Segway Tour Menu and Bookings” tab. Additionally the FAQ tab will answer most of your general questions about DuluthGlides Segway Tours. The base ticket price increases for a private tour to go at your convenience plus an 18% gratuity is automatically added to the price of each ticket to compensate our guides for coming in during non scheduled times for a Private Tour. Sorry, return glider promo codes do not apply to any private tour. 

Segway Experience Tour 1 hr.- $65, includes gratuity

Lakeside Segway Tour 2 hr.- $99, includes gratuity

Historic Homes Segway Tour 2-hr. – $99, includes gratuity

Downtown Historic Segway Tour 2-hr.- not available in 2021 due to construction.

Glensheen Mansion Segway Tour 3-hr or 3.5-hr .- $144 or $164, includes gratuity

In order to inquire about a private tour, please Email us at “” (email is preferred because we will send you info and links and need time to find guides). If unable to email, contact Don by phone at 218-750-4642. We need to know your requested Segway Tour, the number of riders in your party, and the date and time you would like to go.

If equipment and staffing can be arranged for your requested date and time, we will re-contact you, preferable by email, confirm the details, and prepare to create your private tour on the Available Dates and Times Calendar for your purchase. Upon confirmation from you that you are ready to purchase, the tour will be posted live under Private (non scheduled) Segway Tours. You are then able to purchase tickets for your private tour by entering the number of tickets requested. You will find your tour on the link we send you, or “Segway Tour Menu and Booking” > “Private (non scheduled) Segway Tours” tabs on the Available Dates and Times Calendar specific date you requested.

Within minutes you will receive the email confirmation, and your tour will be “sold out” to the general public. Private tours are limited to the number of participants you have between 2 and 6 depending on the tour. Special requests of sights to see or visit that are not included on the regular tour you select will be evaluated for safety and additional time required. To accommodate these custom requests the final ticket price will reflect those changes requested and will vary from the private tour price list. If there is a private tour still pending for another group, there may be a price listed which was for their tour, please disregard. During the purchase process, the specific price for your tour will be displayed.  Sorry, promo codes do not apply to any private tours.

Failure to purchase and confirm promptly after posting the tour live could result in our inability to conduct the tour due to staff becoming unavailable or the possibility the general public might try to purchase your tickets.

Tours are not reserved or confirmed until purchased.

To Request a Private Tour email us at, or if unable, call 952-888-9200. 

If you are not a member of the private group booking the tour, do not purchase tickets for a private tour posted on the Available Dates and Times Calendar.